Why Datatex

Datatex Dynamics has been providing software solutions since 1994, and with 20 years’ experience in the market, our business has grown to provide telephony software solutions to over 1000 companies.

Technical teams and resellers are established in most parts of Southern Africa for ease of client service.

Datatex distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing the most quality enhanced products on the telecommunications market. It is also a brand that is focused on constant development and innovation. It tailors its solutions to suit the client’s needs and is always developing new and better functionality to keep its clients satisfied.

Datatex has always been a leader and innovator in many aspects of its design and development process and the final systems it produces.

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Why Amethyst call recording

AMETHYST can help any company comply with FICA, FAIS, SOX, PCI, NCA and CPA requirements, as Datatex conforms to the provisions of the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act No. 25 of 2002. Amethyst is a 100% black box solution, it is not Windows based and does not require any CALs [P1] etc., it is also not vulnerable to virus attacks etc. Amethyst provides extensive offsite redundancy options as standard, and Amethyst can run on either VMware or its own hardware platforms. Amethyst does not blanket record all calls. Companies can decide whose calls are being recorded and whose not. Amethyst software upgrades are free within the same version and Amethyst has no annual fees. Amethyst is web based, ensuring easy user training and remote access from anywhere in the world. Amethyst has a very comprehensive and powerful Agent Quality Management (AQM) toolset including user definable scoring soft templates; the AQM functionality in Amethyst meets all HR and legal requirements for “fairness in the workplace”. Amethyst provides flexibility in recording method topology (Trunk, Extension, VOIP, SIP and CRE) with the ability to mix any combination of these into one single system. Amethyst is the market leader in providing a quality secure platform for the recording of remote branches with centralized access and storage of recordings. Amethyst provides a ‘buy what you need’ licensing scheme and comes with a standard 3 year warranty. Datatex can provide remote monitoring and remote maintenance support subject to relevant SLAs, Amethyst is locally developed and has incredibly fast search tools.

Why TNG?

It is a well-known fact that a Telephone Management System can save any company up to 30% in telephone costs; TNG provides comprehensive reports to assist you with this. It also provides standard features for highlighting exceptional abuse in many aspects of phone usage; this includes cost, duration, and time taken to answer calls. These abuse flags are available in live screen monitoring tool as well as via reports for later consideration. From an ease of use and maintenance perspective you do not need any specialized skills to use or manage TNG, because it is web based, it can be accessed by up to 10 concurrent departmental heads at the same time, from any of the computers on your network. TNG also provides full access control to ensure that information is only available to those who need access to it.

Why TES?

TES consolidates multiple branch information into a single company view and allocates billing information from various service providers to respective TES users in order to produce an overall single view of resource usage per user. TES provides a company level phone book with CSV import and export features, as well as providing users the ability to identify all destinations associated with unknown numbers (From Topaz Call Monitor), business vs. private can be classified per number, per user or per call. TES provides functionality to do call classification; this provides users the ability to bill (produce reports only in V1) clients for professional services provided through company telecommunications infrastructure (From Topaz billing Engine). It provides simplified bulk email distribution features (Scheduling emails to thousands of users with a few clicks) and provides all users access to at least their own call data via TES web server and automated emails. TES will provide a multi-tier billing engine to allow simplified billing options and invoice functions for various industries as well as providing extensive detail and summary reports in HTML, PDF and CSV formats. It provides for the automated scheduling of PDF and CSV reports, provides multiple user access levels (User, department, branch and company) and provides abuse reports on cost and, duration (outstanding V1). A graphical dashboard page with key indicators per access levels will be provided as well as an SQL based report writer (outstanding V2). TES will provide user generated graphs (outstanding V2) and provide email notifications of missed calls – subject to PABX support for unanswered calls (Outstanding V1).