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TNG is a web-based TMS (Telephone Management System) that allows you to identify and manage problem areas of your business telephone account. Its ‘Drill Down’ report functionality ensures that all information – from summarized to detailed – is available on a single report. You can view a summary report and drill down multiple levels to the detailed calls from within a single report without the need for any reloading or extra searches.

TNG features include:

  • Summary reports contain drill down features to the detailed level.
  • User-friendly web-based user interface.
  • End-user configuration and maintenance.
  • Installs on a single PC.
  • Accessible from anywhere on the network through your standard Internet/Web browser.0
  • Full system maintenance access through a secure administrative login. Copyright ©Datatex Dynamics CC, 2007
  • Departmental head access levels can be limited to specific only or full access including general maintenance.
  • Export data in real time for third-party applications through a TCP port and text file.
  • Fast non-database system to ensure reliability, reduce report generation time and enhance overall system performance.
  • Automatic deleting and archiving of old data.
  • Simple and powerful rates system.
  • Cost comparison between service providers with our call-costing calculator.
  • Phone book facility to categorize, identify and search for telephone numbers.
  • Supports both account codes and pin codes.
  • Data Buffer warning can be enabled to let you know when the memory is almost full.
  • Data Buffer supplied as standard with TNG.

Minimum PC requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP based systems or Linux.
  • 20 Megabytes of available Memory for every 25000 records stored live.
  • Web browser on each PC that needs to access TNG.
  • A UPS is strongly recommended on the PC or server where TNG is installed.

Go to TNG website for more information on TNG.

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