Amethyst 2

South Africa’s Leading Telephone Call Recording System and Quality Management Software

Recording a call using a flexible, intuitive and affordable call logger solution is key to achieving optimal operational efficiency. No matter why you need call recording in your business, be it for call center recording, agent recording or other, our web-based telephone call recording system and quality management software will enhance your operational efficiency – guaranteed.

As the successor to AMETHYST, the original version of this ground-breaking telephone recording system, AMETHYST2 now helps you work even more efficiently in the modern, digital workplace, through enabling the ultimate in security, mobility and scalability.

Here’s how AMETHYST2 will help you and your team to work smarter:


Enable flexible, intuitive recording

Search and Playback

Find and hear your calls in seconds


Protect your greatest data assets

Team Management

Empower your people for better results

Technical Management

Experience technology that just works

Intelligence and Reporting

Work smarter with better insights


Align to legal and customer expectations

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